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  Safety razors, shaving brushes, shave soap & creams, shave bowls, bath accessories, aftershave, combs & hairbrushes, moustache care, shave sets- & more.
WELCOME to The Shaving Shop- relaxed arm chair shopping for men's wet shaving and personal grooming products. Brand names like Merkur, Col Ichabod Conk, Kingsley, Van Der Hagen, Sweet Comb Chicago and Marvy. Easy shopping, wide selection, FAST shipping and secure payment, all at The Shaving Shop.
Safety Razors, Shaving Mugs, Shaving Brush, Shave Soap & Shave Cream, Bath & Shower Brushes, Combs & more.
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Red, White & Blue Handle Safety Razor with Gillette MACH3 Cartridge
Acrylic hand-turned handle design of embedded white stars in blue acrylic and red and white stripes. Highlighted with gun-smoke finish metal end cap and blade holder.
NOW available- next day shipping.
Sweet Comb Chicago Products; Beeswax Beard Conditioner, Essential Beaard Oil, Mustache Wax & Pomade made from all natural beeswax.
Sweet Comb Chicago Beeswax Beard Conditioner
Made in small batches of naturall oils and beeswax.
$ 19.00